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The EZcarry®

The EZcarry® is HappyWares'™ debut product, and was invented and designed in-house! The EZcarry® is an ergonomically correct handle with a soft grip, which minimizes stress and strain on your hands while carrying:
  • Grocery Bags
  • Shopping Bags
  • Dry Cleaning Hangers
  • Tote Bags
...and anything with clumsy handles that cut into your hand! The EZcarry® is also used to help people with arthritis get through their daily chores of shopping. It was designed through extensive R&D, and is endorsed by a Board Certified Ergonomist. The EZcarry® is made of high quality, industry-leading materials that can hold up to 50 lbs. Its soft, comfortable grip will make carrying your packages a dream. We've sold thousands through QVC, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreen's, Harriet Carter Gifts, and many more.

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The EZcarry Sport®

The EZcarry Sport® is an ergonomically correct, non-slip grip handle to carry boots and skates of all kinds. It has a convenient clip to hook onto jackets, gym bags, belt loops, etc. for ease of transport. The product concept is based off the very successful EZcarry® which was designed for shopping bags, and of which we have sold thousands on QVC (see our QVC shows).

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The BagPal®

The BagPal® is a great product for the Promotional Industry (ASI registration #59630). It is a very similar product to the EZcarry® except that this version has a hard grip so that anyone's logo or message can be printed on it. We use a special ink transfer process so that the logo becomes permanent on the handle. The BagPal® can come in any color.

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The EZ Vase™

The EZvase™ is an economical, fun, and space-saving solution for your floral vase needs. Made out of plastic, it folds flat when not in use, but takes the shape of a decorative vase when filled with water, and it looks just like glass! Never again will your vase take up valuable closet space when you aren't using it. The EZvase™ comes in clear, blue, purple, green or pink, and comes in three different sizes.

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The OrbiClean™

OrbiClean™ is a revolutionary air purifier that scrubs the air to rid it of air-borne pollutants (such as dander and dust) and bad odor. Instead of using chemicals, it uses a proprietary blend of botanical extracts that kills 99.9% of most common bacteria. With several refreshing and invigorating oils to choose from, such as lavender and eucalyptus, it makes the air around you as fresh as after a summer rain! Its compact design and dual plug (power can come from either your wall outlet or your computer's USB port) makes it the ideal companion to have at your office or cubicle or any small place. We know you'll love it!

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No more losing the tissue box in the car, no more searching for it under the seats, no more finding it crushed, dirty and stepped on. With TissueKups™, just place the cup in the vehicle's cup holder. Pop-up tissues are now not only conveniently available, but safer to use while driving (no more searching under the seat while trying to steer!). TissueKups includes 50 2-ply tissues. Great for home and office, too.

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