Who We Are
Welcome to the HappyWares™ homepage! We here at the HappyWares™ Company are committed to bringing you "Homewares That Provide Happy Solutions." Through our experiences with consumers and customers, in addition to market research techniques, we identify products that truly add value to people's lives and bring them to market, through direct relationships and distribution partners around the globe.

Based in sunny South Florida, HappyWares® was founded in July of 2003. With years of experience from Clorox and Proctor & Gamble, an enterprising entrepreneur with a great new idea stepped out on his own to create the company. HappyWares, he decided, would be dedicated to the achieving utmost in consumer satisfaction and customer delight.

HappyWares™ launched its first product, the EZcarry®, an ergonomically correct, arthritis friendly handle that helps people carry shopping bags in a pain free way, in 2003.
manufacturing facility
Our Manufacturing Facility
Launched through the Harriet Carter Gift Catalog, QVC and hundreds of stores around the country, the EZcarry® has been featured in TV Guide, the New Yorker Magazine, WPLJ radio in NY, KBIG 104FM Los Angeles, HGTV, and on many other venues. It has become a big hit both here in the United States, and globally in South America, and Eastern and Western Europe.

Since then, the HappyWares™ Company has grown to have a portfolio of products, which we invite you to check out here! Thank you again for visiting our website!